1. Where the desserts are made?

We make our dessert in our main kitchen in Ciateul area, Bandung. It's freshly made daily and delivered to the store early in the morning. We also use updated baking tools to keep our dough fresh and beautiful before we start baking it.

2. How long will the dessert last?

Of course our dessert will be very delightful to consume right after we deliver it to you, but in case something urgent come up, and you have to postpone your dessert time to tomorrow or several days later, better keep it in fridge/chiller for 3 days maximum, or 7 days in the freezer. We don't recommend you to keep it in the freezer for too long, and if you do, please let it sit in the room temperature before you consume it.

3. How far ahead should I order my dessert?

We have several choices of dessert in our store. Cake in jar, and sliced cake will be available in store everyday, please note that we will rotate the in-store menu to keep the choices interesting every week. For croissant and cookies will also available in-store everyday.

If you need whole cake for certain occasion like birthday party, please drop your order at least 2 days before the pick-up date.

4. Can you accept custom orders?

Yes, we do. We would be very happy to cater your special events like birthday party, wedding, or any kind of festivals. Please hit us up for further details.

5. Can I have my dessert orders delivered to my place?

If you are resided in Bandung, yes we can. We have several choices for you like Go-Jek or Grab to choose from. If you live outside Bandung, we're so sorry that we can't do deliveries. it's to make sure our dessert can be fully enjoyed by our customers.

6. Are your desserts Halal certified?

We're not yet applying for that. But please make sure to note that some of our menus are using alcohol. But our cafe is absolute halal-friendly.

7. For coffee, where do you collect your beans from?

We strongly believe that our country coffee beans are considered one of the best in the world, we curated local roasteries that supply their beans from local farmers in a form to support our local farmers to survive in this field.

Since we're applying specialty coffee on our cafe, we only use the high quality beans for all of our coffee products, and something that we can appreciate by the stories behind the process.