Rogu, thats how our team called him, is a classical musician who loves art and baking. For Ronny, baking is also a form of art, with more interesting twist in it which we can enjoy by eating it.

Pursuing his dream of baking, Ronny has participated in a lot of international baking classes with worldly known pastry chefs like Jason Licker, Karim Bourgi, and the latest class he took in Bali was with the netflix-sensation named Will Goldfarb, the best pastry chef in the world 2021 by Taste Good Magazine.

After many classes and passionate drive, Ronny finally decided to open his first dessert bar in Bandung named Bodas Coffee & Dessert Bar. Specializing in artisan desserts and pastry, paired with specialty coffee selections.

In this Bar, Ronny constantly creating new menus and flavours to make sure Bodas only producing the best and unique dessert someone can taste. By highloghting 3 key points in all of his creations, TASTE . TEXTURE . ARTISAN.

If you happen to read this section, this is an invitation from us to you, to visit our artisan dessert bar in Bodas anytime soon!