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The Best Croissant You Ever Need

Taste . Texture . Artisan

Crispy Outside. Chewy Inside

unique flavours

100% French Butter

Crust . crust . crust

crispy outside; chewy inside

many people has told us that our croissants are super underrated.

Its delicious, but people never know we produce our own croissants.

Through this campaign, we simply want to let more people know that Bandung has so many delicious and authentic croissants options, and also a lot of people actually deserve nicely and deliciously baked croissants.

Taste . Texture . Artisan

Croissants are a yummy French pastry. They are light and flaky because of the butter and dough used. When they are baked, the butter melts and creates steam pockets that make them super flaky. A perfect croissant has a crunchy outside and a soft, buttery inside. They are a tasty treat anytime.

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