The Beautiful Words Unspoken, Act of Love

People were born in this world differently. Some believe they carry the behaviour from past lives, the other believes that new born means new entity. But whatever, or whoever you were born as, love and compassion are there, first thing when you open your eyes and see the world. If we happen to meet someone we think so cruel, devilish, we must hold on to a belief that inside the deepest trench of their heart, we can find a pandora box filled with love and compassion. There’s always a significant someone for every person, because without the desire to love and desire to care, one can’t be considered a human.

I have one best friend who lives in Bali, she has the most beautiful soul, an amazing mother, a lovely partner, and the best friend someone could ask for. People call her Bude Novi. She once told me, “if you don’t love yourself enough, you have no love to share, because your heart is empty.”

Reflecting what she said, then I realized, yes love is love. No matter what forms it manifests in, love heals in the end. It may show itself as an act of selfish, or even selflessness. It all depends on the mind state that projects it. But whatever it is, we can always show love in the best way possible to the people who receive it. So, never hesitate to show your love, no matter how small the love is, because in the end, the thoughts that count.

Love is love, and love wins.

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