"It's a very nice place, they only serve good foods and dessert! worth to come, absolutely!" Salsa Sabila Mentari
"It's a very comfortable place, and yet instagramable, the service also quite nice, price wise is suitable for university students and employee. Overall its a good place!" Iqbal Rasyid Muttaqin
"The place is so nice, its clean and white. A very nice place to take pictures. Besides they serve a very good croissants!" Mariani Tjio
"You're looking for desserts and comfortable place for breakfast? Bodas is the place! You should try they signature klepon latte it's amazing!" Sarah Nurul

Artisan for Everyone

Bodas in Sundanese means white, or can be portrayed as a blank canvas, meanwhile white is the spectrum of every colors. We believe every single one carries their own color and the color respresents personality. Bodas was created to be a place for people with its colors to come and enjoy the day without being judged of their colors, but instead they paint Bodas to be a colorful and beautiful place to hangout at.

The Form of Love Everyone Drooling Over

Bodas Coffee & Dessert Bar is a Bandung based bakery and coffee shop producing only artisanal croissants, cakes, and specialty coffee using only the best ingredients.

Freshly Baked Croissant and Cake, Smells Like a Warm Hug

Dedicated fully to create the best pastries, cakes, and coffee, Bodas always thrive to do better. Not only using the best ingredients on the market, every products that come out from our kitchen are wrapped with joy, crafted with passion, and delivered to you with so much love.

Departing from this dedication, we proudly pronounce Bodas as one of the best croissants and dessert place in Bandung that crafted artisanally!

A Smell of Comforting Aroma, Specialty Coffee

As a form of support to local coffee bean farmers, Bodas Coffee only curated our beans locally. In hand with local roasteries, we make the best coffee a cafe could provide, and to create a story on every pour of coffees we made. This is what we called Specialty Coffee.

A Story For You to Pass On

We believe everything comes with a story, it applies the same while curating menus and making new flavour. Through story, something has values, something not only our tastebud can feel, but also our body, mind, and soul. It makes your whole journey in Bodas complete and whole.