Where is Bodas?

Bodas is located in the heart of Bandung City, exactly on Jl. Talaga Bodas no.64

How to get there?

If you are travelling with your won vehicle, our cafe is registered on Google Maps under the name of Bodas Coffee. It was about 15 minutes from Moch.Toha toll.

But if you’re traveling with online transportation, you just need to type “Bodas Coffee” on the destination coloumn, sit back, relax, and let the driver bring you to us.

Is it pet-friendly?

We love pet so much, but since our place is not too big, a moderate size of pets are allowed on outdoor seating area.

Can we smoke at Bodas?

Yes, we have outdoor seating areas for you to smoke. But, for the healthier you, we encourage you to quit smoking, because it kills.

Can we do product photoshoot at Bodas?

Yes, you can. We don’t charge fee for place rent, but we do have minimum order for photoshoot reservation. Make sure to give us an early notice before the planned day, so we can prepare a seating spot for you and your team.

How is the order system applied at Bodas?

You can directly come to our cashier counter to see the display of our croissants and cake, choose from it, and order. Don’t forget, the payment must be done up front.

Does Bodas provide waiter service?

Since we don’t charge 5% service tax on our bill, we are so sorry to inform you that you have to pick up all your orders by responding to the beeper we give after your transaction at cashier counter.

We know it can be bothersome somehow, but we are so thankful for your understanding. We hope, in the near future we can grow bigger and provide the waiters to make sure you have a very pleasant visit at Bodas.

Does Bodas do delivery service?

of course we do, during this pandemic, we provide you the easiest way possible to order online starts from Grab Food and our own website. You can choose from our menus, shipping method, and the payment system all integrated. Or you can simply hit us on Whatsapp, and let our staff cater all your orders in just some clicks!

Where the croissants and desserts are made?

We make our croissants and dessert in our main kitchen in Bandung. It’s freshly made daily and delivered to the store early in the morning. We also use updated baking tools to keep our dough fresh and beautiful before we start baking it.

Bodas is known for its specialty coffee concept, what kind of coffee does Bodas sell?

We have wide range of coffee selection, starts from black or white classics. We also have manual brew selection that we curate from different roasteries every month. If you’re not a strong coffee drinkers, we have a lighter blend for you to choose from, like special blend latte, or coffee mocktail. Just let our staff know your preferences, and they will give you the best choice suits you the most.

Does Bodas Vegan and Halal?

We’re not vegan, but we’re halal friendly. Don’t get us wrong, we don’t use lard or anything related to that, but we use alcohol on some of our cakes. Please ask our cashier or anyone in charge when you want to order.

How long will the the desserts and croissants last?

Of course our cakes will be very delightful to consume right after we deliver it to you, but in case something urgent come up, and you have to postpone your dessert time to tomorrow or several days later, better keep it in fridge/chiller for 3 days maximum, or 7 days in the freezer. We don’t recommend you to keep it in the freezer for too long, and if you do, please let it sit in the room temperature before you consume it.

As for the croissants, the french butter/plain can stay up to 5 days in the room temperature while the other has to be kept in the chiller for maximum 5 days to have the best quality of taste.

Can Bodas provide catering needs?

Yes, we do, and we’d love to! If you happen to have any events and need desserts or croissants, we can definitely help you out!

We can have whole cake for your birthday, specially design cakes, and also bite size of any flavour to decor the dessert table at your event! don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Can Bodas help customers order online?

Yes, we know some of you like to be treated personally, thats why we have whatsapp to help you order online. It’s easy, full of choices, hassle free, cashless, and absolutely safe to delivery during this pandemic. We take serious measurements on our take-away order packaging in order to deliver the best and the safest foods from Bodas.

If I want to order anything custom, how many days do I need to order ahead?

We suggest you to contact us at least 7 days before your planned event, we may have a lot of things to catch up.

Does Bodas sell the cake in whole size?

Yes, we do. We don’t display the full size cake at the showcase to keep our product fresh and untouched. If you want to order the full sized of our cake selection, you can always order online, or through this website.

I live outside of Bandung, can Bodas do delivery to my cities?

It depends on which city do you live in.

If you happen to live in the island of Java, yes we can do delivery for every flavour of available croissant using paxel as the courier. But if you live in the cities outside Java, you only have several choices.

If i feel hungry, can i order food from Bodas?

Yes, although we specialize in coffee, croissants, and desserts, we also have several breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu. Start from rice, pasta, and many other.